A video of a brutal beating in the Houston area is spreading like wildfire on the internet.

The video of one girl attacking another has gone viral and the girl who was hurt told Local 2 the videos make her feel like a victim of cyber-bullying.

The video shows Shamichael Manuel, 17, was completely unaware of the first punch that was coming her way. She said she was attacked after she was lured to an apartment where she thought she was picking up some of her belongings.

"I considered every one of them my friend. It was crazy when they did that to me," said Manuel.

Manuel's lip was cut and her glasses were broken, causing her right eye to swell shut. A couple of days later, she found out the whole thing had been caught on several cell phone cameras and the videos had gone viral. One video has more than 100,000 likes on a single website.

"To me, I consider it cyber-bullying. Because they find it funny and hilarious that that happened to me," said Manuel.

The name of the other girl in the video, "Sharkeisha," has been trending on Twitter for days and has sparked internet memes.

Because of her eye injury, Manuel hasn't been back to school since the attack. She told Local 2 when she returns Monday, her held will be held high.

Her mother, meanwhile, wants justice.

"I feel like all of the girls should be arrested. It was planned," said Olevia Henderson.

Henderson also feels like girls involved should be facing disciplinary action at school, even though the incident didn't happen on campus.

Henderson has filed a report with the Harris County Sheriff's Office. She hopes her daughter's story will help put a stop to the viral videos.

"I think the message is stop entertaining videos like these. Stop making kids feel like it's okay to videotape things and think that it's all about the number of 'likes' you can get. It's not funny," said Henderson.

Sharkeisha has not been charged with any crime.