About three million people have seen the YouTube video of  5-year-old Claire Koch performing sign language for her parents at her school concert near Tampa, Florida.

Her mother, Lori Koch, recorded the performance and put it on YouTube.  It was the first video she had posted. 

"That's Claire being Claire! And I had just left that day and I miss her," said Peggy Dunne, Clair's grandmother, who lives in Houston.

She told Local 2 that the video was posted so the family could see the concert. 

Dunne said, "She wants to make sure that they understand and are part of the program. So she's doing it so that they are part of it."

Dunne said Claire has interpreted school performances for her parents before, but none have gotten this much attention.

Claire, who learned how to sign as a baby, said it was all her idea.  Her mother, Lori, said she never expected a world-wide reaction.

Lori Koch said, "Oh no! Not at all. It was completely unexpected. But I'm not surprised how many people think she is adorable because I agree with them!"

Dunne said that two of her three daughters are deaf.  The other is an attorney near San Antonio.