Vandals struck early Thursday morning, spray-painting and defacing a mural that has become quite popular in the one month it's been up in Montrose.

The mural is called the "Biscuit Paint Wall" and even has its own hashtag. On the social media site Instagram there are more than 15 photos posted of people posing in front of the paint splattered display if you look for #BISCUITPAINTWALL.

"We kind of came up with this concept for a splash paint wall, kind of as a gift to the neighborhood," said Bailey McCarthy, owner of Biscuit Home, the specialty bedding shop next door.

McCarthy put the mural on the side of her building because she thought the people in the Montrose area would appreciate it.

"In these last few weeks we've had hundreds of people come out and take pictures with their children, people have gotten engagement pictures here," said McCarthy. "It's been a happy and positive thing."

Surveillance cameras recorded the vandals just before 1 a.m. spray-painting the mural. It took them 10 minutes to turn an expensive piece of art into a crime scene.

McCarthy has handed the video over to the police, who are now investigating.

"It's really a shame that somebody wanted to take something that's been such a positive symbol, and has brought happiness to so many people and put a bad mark on it," she said. "It will continue to be what it has been and we will take steps to protect it."

McCarthy is hoping anyone who may have seen the vandals will have a tip and call the police. She would like for them to be caught.

She told Local 2 Biscuit Home plans to have the wall repainted and repaired very soon.