Postal carriers with the U.S. Postal Service delivered last minute packages Christmas Day.

In the Houston area, 243 people worked to make sure last minute packages got delivered.

This is the first Christmas Day that letter carrier Charlene Hagger has worked. She volunteered for the eight hour shift.

“It's nice to work on Christmas to give people their gifts and see the expression on their face when they get their gift, instead of the next day,” she said.

Hagger delivered dozens of packages herself, including a last minute gift to Sally Arias's family in South Houston. Arias' younger sister received new makeup.

"We were waiting for it last night. We were hoping she could unwrap it this morning, but it's a great thing that she got it today,” Arias said.

Houston's Postmaster says Christmas Day delivery doesn't make money for the postal service.

“It really is not a profit for us today. It really is all about helping our customers,” Houston Postmaster Jean Lovejoy said.

For packages to be delivered Christmas Day, they had to have been mailed using the Post Office's fastest delivery method, Priority Mail Express. Packages must have been mailed by Monday.