WEBSTER, Texas -

Commuters who use the Gulf Freeway in the Webster area know how bad the freeway can bottleneck during rush hour, and TxDOT says it is working on a plan to fix the issue.

However, with growth, some businesses in the area are being forced to shut their doors with hopes of opening at a different location.

TxDOT said the expansion project will stretch nearly seven miles from the Beltway and 45, south to 45 and Medical Center Blvd. in the Webster area.

A letter posted on the door of Chick-Fil-A said the stores current location will close permanently on Friday, June 14. TxDOT said at least eight different business are being asked to relocate.

The $171 million project will include an HOW lane and the addition of two lanes in each direction. The entire project should be completed in early 2016.