League City has been named the best city in Texas for job seekers, according to the web site Nerdwallet.

City leaders attribute the ranking to constant construction and new business.

"People are coming in and enjoying the quality of life we have, the recreation, and of course the jobs," says Tony Allender, League City Director of Planning and Development.

Topping Nerdwallet's Top 10 list of the best cities in the state for employment, League City was recognized for its low unemployment rate, beautiful marinas and close proximity to Johnson Space Center.

The website ranked Texas cities by their rate of growth, average salary, and employment numbers by using numbers pulled from the U.S. census to tell us where you should go in Texas to land a job.

"We have 25 building cites here, we have three more starting immediately and three more following that," says John Wycoff with Wycoff Development and Construction.

He sees the growth first hand and he says League City is booming because more and more businesses are relocating there, bringing thousand of jobs.

"All the contractors, all the businesses are busy. I think we have seen that for the last 30 years down here, and for the future, I was with League City planning and zoning and what they are predicting, we could be a quarter of a million people 20-30 years from now," says Wycoff.

Sugar Land came in third place on the Top 10 list. The city has the highest median income at more than $50,000, low unemployment and a "diverse economy."

But with all factors considered, League City leaders say what ultimately catapulted the city to the top of the list was location, location, location.

"Being located where we are, right next to Houston and Galveston, really puts us at the epicenter of some really great things," says Allender.

League City was also recently named a great place for young families to thrive.

To see the other cities to make the list, visit Nerdwallet.com.