A new sign on one Fort Bend County road has drivers doing a double take.

It looks like any other yellow sign, warning drivers to slow down for pedestrians or children playing.

But the sign near Watts Plantation Road and Diamond Springs Drive alerts drivers about turtles crossing the road. 

"It was kind of an interesting idea," said Sharon Valiante of Missouri City Public Works.

The city decided to install two signs after Theresa Tarlton and her mother, a Missouri City resident, noticed crushed turtles along the road. 

"The turtles can't cross the road," Tarlton said.

After seeing duck crossing signs near her home in Sugar Land, Tarlton decided to write a letter to Missouri City about the need for turtle crossing signs. 

She didn't think it would get much attention. 

"I thought if it gets read, they're going to think I'm crazy," Tarlton said.

But one day later, she received a response from the city. 

The signs were installed on April 23.

"They have their own life cycle environment, so it's important that we keep it as trouble free for them, as well as the existing other animals," Valiante said.

Valiante believes the turtles come from a drainage canal under the road, but they're not easy to spot. 

Tarlton just hopes the signs will make drivers more aware.