The crisis in Syria could end up costing drivers at the gas pump. Crude oil prices are soaring because of the serious situation there.

The global tension may have a financial impact on your family this fall. September is typically when gas prices drop. That's when the summer travel season ends and the demand for gas drops. But the international turmoil could change all that.

Just the fear that the U.S. military could strike Syria has caused the price of crude oil to jump. It's up 15 percent in the last three months, part of that because of the unrest in Egypt last month.

Neither Egypt nor Syria are major oil producers, but there is real concern that a U.S. military strike would disrupt oil supplies in the Middle East.

Experts say it's likely gas prices will stay where they are instead of going down like they typically do in the fall.

According to AAA Texas, the average cost of a gallon of regular unleaded in Houston today will cost you $3.40, down one penny from $3.41 last week and down 16 cents from last year at this same time.

If you are planning to do some driving outside of Texas this Labor Day weekend, you should know the highest gas prices in the country are in the Northeast and on the West Coast; but no state is averaging more than $4 a gallon.