The Transportation Security Administration is expanding its expedited screening program, also known as pre-check.

The program lets passengers keep their shoes, jackets and belts on while going through security lines.

You can also leave laptops and small liquids in your carry on bags.

In the past this program has been reserved mostly for frequent flyers invited by specific airlines.

It's been in place at 40 airports including Bush Intercontinental Airport but now TSA officials say it's coming to Hobby and 60 more airports.

Later this year, a fee based application will start too.

You'll give $85 and more personal information like your fingerprints, and in exchange you get the speedy pre-check benefits.

Traveler Christina Thomas said, " I travel a lot for work and I think that would definitely  be a great option. Just moving through the lines as fast as you can."

Even with the benefits, some worry about what this could mean for their traveling safety.

"It makes me concerned that a terrorist could take advantage of that program," said traveler, Sharon Logan.

Since the limited pre-check program began two years ago, more than 15 million travelers have used it across the country.