With Christmas just eight days away, your time to shop and ship your holiday gifts is quickly slipping away. Monday is actually the busiest day for the post office and a delivery delay in Dallas continues to slow things down for UPS.

The line at the post office on Spring-Cypress in Cypress was a dozen deep.

"It was real, real crazy in there," said Justin Brown, who had to ship packages to friends and family members.

Clerks kept lines moving nationwide to get millions of cards and packages to their destinations in time for Christmas.

"All four clerks were helping people, so the line went very fast," said Glenda Johns. "First time I've ever seen four clerks."

Emma Noetzli was mailing toys for her niece and nephews back in Sweden.

The deadline for sending first class mail in time for Christmas is December 20. Priority mail packages can be shipped as late as December 21; and if you pay extra for Priority Mail Express, you've got until December 23.

"At some point, things need to start rolling again," said UPS customer April Samhan.

Samhan's only Christmas gift to her son is sitting at a UPS hub in Mesquite, Texas, where it's been since Dec. 5. Hundreds of deliveries screeched to a stop because of the icy conditions around Dallas and Fort Worth.

"Now I've been told repeatedly well it's just sitting in a truck on the property waiting," Samhan said. "And they don't know what truck it's in. No guarantee when it's going to be delivered."

A UPS spokesperson confirmed packages moving through three large hubs in and around Dallas are backlogged because the snow and ice stopped trucks from making ground deliveries for days. They wouldn't say how many packages are affected, just that, "UPS is committed to getting any packages that were part of the delay processed; and we will definitely be completed in advance of the holiday."

"'Just before the holidays' doesn't help me at all," said Samhan.  "And I'm sure it doesn't help a lot of other people also."

Samhan's family is celebrating Christmas on Friday; but she has no choice but to wait it out.

We asked the UPS spokesperson if customers should be concerned that the backlog will affect other shipments that are going out now.

Susan Rosenberg said no. She explained that UPS is re-routing all deliveries so that no packages are passing through those backed up hubs unless Dallas is the final destination.