Talk about a Black Friday deal! Three people are new owners of cars and it only cost them a dollar.

It was all part of Sterling McCall Toyota's sixth annual Slicer Sale. Customers began lining up Thursday night for the chance to be a winner.

Then on Friday morning, customers sat in the driver's seat of the car they wanted and waited for the manager to come by and reveal the price.

There was a bit of controversy when a customer claimed someone stole their spot in line. Police were there to calm everyone down.

"It's a tough situation. It didn't work out for him, but we're going to make it right for him," said a dealership employee.

There were also other cars marked down on the lot. The price range was between $1 and $10,000.

The dealership told us they had a simple reason for doing this: they wanted to clear the cars off the lot by the end of the year.