Thousands attend Lone Star Rally in Galveston

Organizers estimate 400k people will attend over 4-day period

Published On: Nov 02 2013 08:32:33 PM CDT

Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts from all over the country are in Galveston this weekend for the 12th annual Lone Star Bike Rally, and organizers believe Saturday's weather brought even bigger crowds to the event.

Organizers estimate approximately 400,000 people will attend over the four-day period.

On Saturday afternoon, they estimated at least 100,000 motorcycles lined up along the Strand District alone.

"It's all about the bikes. The smell of the gas and the tires," said David Lewis of Houston. "I'm just enjoying the scenery."

The event includes concerts, food, and big crowds. To keep everyone safe, the Galveston Police Department has brought in extra officers to monitor the event while others continue to patrol the city.

Chief Henry Porretto said the rally's crowds are typically responsible and well behaved.

"If you come to Galveston to have a good time, that's fine. If you start trouble, you're going to have a problem with us," said Porretto. "But this not this type of crowd. Everyone is in a laid back mood, they just want to drive and show off their motorcycle. It's a pretty festive crowd."

Officers will also be looking out for drunk drivers during this "no refusal" weekend. The event wraps up Sunday.

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Published On: Dec 24 2013 01:32:22 PM CST   Updated On: Nov 02 2013 08:31:35 PM CDT

Cast members of the TV series "Sons of Anarchy" stopped by the Lone Star Rally held in Galveston.

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