Firefighters have recovered the bodies of three people after a massive house fire in east Houston.

The family of those who lived in the home on Redondo at Westmont identified the victim found late Thursday as 25-year-old Slade Feige. Feige lived at the home with his wife of two years, Emily Mims, along with Emily's parents, Lamar and Regina, and his mother.

Emily and her father were at work when the fire started late Thursday afternoon.

"By the time I got (to the house) it was in flames," Emily said.  "I fell to my knees and just cried for hours. I feel that I've taken everything for granted.  I just woke up every day and I had my clothes and my house, and now I have nothing."

Crews searching Friday morning for Regina Mims, 53, and Feige's mother, 63-year-old Gwene Feige, discovered two bodies. A positive ID has not yet been confirmed.

Gilbert Muro was one of the first to see the fire as he was driving to his home nearby. He said all the exits to the house were blocked by flames for anyone trying to get out. Muro dialed 911 and stood with neighbors watching.

"It's sad because you can't do anything," said Muro.

"When the first units arrived, we had an A-frame house that was totally involved, and the fire was declared defensive from the beginning and the structure is still not safe for us to enter," said Houston Fire Department Deputy Chief Jerry Wedgeworth.

Cell phone video shot by neighbors showed the flames leaping into the air, crawling up the house. You can hear and see a car exploding in the video.

The family told Local 2 they don't understand why there were explosions because there were no propane tanks or gas in the house.

"It was the worst fire I'd ever seen. There was a lot of popping and exploding over there," said neighbor Sylvia Schilling. "I was really, really worried about who was in there because I know and I see the family every day."

Firefighters worked for hours, but hot spots on the home still proved to be a challenge. Fire officials brought in a track hoe to knock down walls once the flames were out.

Arson investigators are involved in the case. They are still collecting evidence, and are expected to talk with neighbors and the medical examiner's office during this ongoing investigation.

At this time, police say foul play is not suspected.

The Cy-Fair Volunteer Fire Department was called to the scene to assist the Houston Fire Department with their search.

"I did not think it was gonna end like this," Mims said.  "I can't wrap my head around how three people who can walk didn't get out in time.  It just doesn't make sense."

The Red Cross was on scene as well, helping Emily and her father with any essentials they might need. We're told the two will be living with friends for the time being.