U.S. postal inspectors are trying to find out who sawed mail drop-off boxes open and stole the mail inside.

At least twice, in just the last week, the U.S. postal inspector said thieves cut into big blue postal drop-off boxes in the Stafford area.

"This side was sawed down," said Beverly Bratcher, postal customer.

She said she found a note on the post office door that said the mailbox was vandalized on August 18 and 19.  She said the sign said to check to make sure your bills were paid.  The broken box was removed for repair.

Bratcher said, "You could just pull it down and stick your hand in there.  I said I'm not gonna put my mail here.  So I drove to Missouri City and saw that the box was not totally there at all."

The U.S. postal inspector said it relies on customers to report the theft. Customers who believe their mail was stolen can call George Alpizar at 713-238-4473. 

Investigators can then go back and see where checks were cashed, check surveillance tape and hopefully solve the case. Investigators said they were also checking to see if other cases in our area are connected.  They said the boxes will be repaired and installed again.