The Columbia Tap Bike Trail looks like a safe place to ride your bike. It is a four mile long concrete trail that runs from Dixie Drive past Polk Street and into downtown, but Houston police said there have been numerous assaults and robberies near the University of Houston in southeast Houston.

“I hope they catch them. Because I try to ride mine. Keep mine. Know what I mean? It's my transportation,” said trail rider, James Theall.

Police said teenage boys are jumping bike riders and stealing their bikes. Police won't say how long the robberies have been happening or exactly how many cases they are investigating.

There are some times Theall doesn't ride.

“I don't come through at dark. Sometimes in the morning when I go to work. About 4 a.m. Other than that, I don't come this way in the dark,” said Theall.

The path runs from Third Ward into downtown along the old Union Pacific Railroad right-of-way. The people who ride here just want the thieves moved out of the way.