Police are warning homeowners to watch out for thieves stealing packages from front porches all over Houston. 

"I discovered it was seven boxes," said one homeowner who asked to remain anonymous.

He and his wife live on Mullins Drive in Westbury, they had seven boxes full of clothing and other items for his business taken.  They estimate the value was about $5,000. 

"I wasn't the only one," he said.  "There were three other houses within a mile radius that were hit."

Someone in the area noticed a car pull up, a man get out, grab the boxes and go.

"There was a witness but they weren't close enough to get a license plate number," he told Local 2.  "but it was a silver car."

This is a problem not just happening in Westbury, the Briar Grove Park association sent an email to residents warning them that it's happening there. too.

On Thursday a package delivered to a home in the 10000 block of Piping Rock was stolen. 

Police recommend having items ordered online shipped to a workplace or residence where someone will be there to receive it.