Thieves are going after speed bumps in a Houston area suburb.

While the speed bumps do help slow down vehicles passing through, the controversy over whether they should even be there in the first place is only speeding up in the Friendswood neighborhood of Northfield Estates.

According to police, someone stole the speed bumps from the neighborhood two weeks ago.

"Woke up in the morning and there was two of them that were gone. It didn't make any sense. I thought the city came and took one side," said neighbor, Jerry Brannen.

After months of debate, the Friendswood City Council decided to install them on a trial basis.

" I just think it's unnecessary,"said neighbor, Matt Broughton.

According to Broughton, even though he doesn't like them, he doesn't condone stealing them.

"Nobody really likes speed bumps because it slows 'em down, but I got six kids on this street and there's a lot of children around here. I love it that it slows us down. It slows me down, I'm glad," said neighbor, Joy LeBlanc.