Woodland Heights is the kind of neighborhood where front porches are warm and welcoming, but they may be too welcoming -- thieves have become comfortable stealing from people just feet from their front door.

"That's what bothers me the most is that they came up on my porch to get it," said Marilyn Kowalski.

Three potted plants were stolen from the ledge of Kowalski's porch Thursday.

"I noticed one of my plants was gone," Kowalski said. "Then when I got home from work in the evening, I realized that there were two more gone."

It's seems like a petty crime but neighbors said it's become all too common in the Heights neighborhood.

"It happens all the time," said Dorie Kerr, who said the plants on her porch have been stolen several times, too. "If you have a nice plant and don't glue it down or bolt it down, there's a good chance if it's in a decent pot, somebody's gonna take it."

Kerr said someone recently tried and failed to steal from her porch again.

"I think it was too heavy," Kerr said. "So I think they dropped it and it cracked the pot. They just left it, toppled over."

Often, potted plants like Kerr's can cost upwards of $100.

Some people in the neighborhood are now considering installing surveillance cameras. It's a security measure that recently worked for a family in Oregon.

Their surveillance cameras caught a woman casually walking away with one of their plants. The video went viral. Within days, the same camera caught the same woman returning the potted plant.

Neighbors said they tend to notice a spike in these thefts around holidays, especially Mother's Day.

"We always joke about taking our plants inside because somebody's looking for a Mother's Day present," Kerr said.