It's one of the nicer apartment complexes in Houston where renters pay a premium.  But despite the address, one woman living in the popular Gables West Ave. apartments still became the victim of burglars.

Thieves managed to break into one woman's apartment and her private storage unit in the complex on Kirby near Westheimer. That resident was shocked when she became a victim of a crime.

"I went to my storage unit to get a pearl necklace out of it. As soon as I opened the door, I knew something was wrong," Heather said.

It was a heartbreaking discovery when she realized someone had broken into her storage unit, only feet from her apartment, and stolen some of the personal items that she cherished: her late father's college ring, a pearl necklace given to her by her parents, cash and a prized antique painting.

"I was crying, very upset that this ring had been taken, and necklace, and if you have a parent who was lost you understand," said Heather.

The apartment complex is a popular place that also includes upscale restaurants. It's a luxury location that Heather, who travels a lot for business, thought would be secure.

"What drew me to here was 24-hour desk clerk, controlled access entry," she said.

In addition to the pain of losing her valuables, she's also upset because, in her opinion, the property management hasn't been helpful and isn't warning other residents about what happened.

"And then she asked if I had renter's insurance, yes, but that's not the point. I lived here because I thought it was safe," Heather told us.

Houston police say they've had only one other burglary call to the complex since March. But Heather still feels something should be done to make sure what happened to her doesn't happen to any of her unsuspecting neighbors.

"I'm concerned someone's going to come home and their personal items are gone," she said.

As for her items, she doesn't have much hope get anything back, but believes someone may try to pawn the ring and that will alert police.