When Rich Gronko pulled into his garage at around noon Thursday, he noticed something was wrong.

Lights were on in the home off of Geneva Drive near DeForrest Street in northwest Harris County and he knew they shouldn't be on. He explained how he walked in and right away, saw one of three suspects running down a hallway.

"I ran after him, yelled at him and chased him off. Three of them broke in and each of them took a bedroom in the back of the house," Gronko said.

The suspects are accused of stealing things like Gucci purses, expensive jewelry and anything else they could get their hands on.

"It was one of those fight or flee situations and I decided to fight," Gronko said when asked about if he was worried about what would happen when he confronted the men.

So after he was in the home, the three men ran out of the home. However, they left behind one key piece of evidence.

"They left their cell phone and then they called it three minutes later to see where it would ring and then discussed robbing my home," he said.

Assistant Chief Deputy Mark Herman with the Harris County Precinct 4 Constable's Office said, "They made a mistake and dropped their cell phone on the way out and we will be connecting the dots on that cell phone. Hopefully we will be making arrests before hopefully the evening is over."

Investigators say the trio broke in through a back window and it's believed they waited for the homeowner to leave in the morning before making their move.