Several people received the unpleasant call that thieves had broken into several units at a Public Storage facility off the S. Loop W. near South Main.

Police said the thefts happened sometime between Sunday afternoon and Monday afternoon.

"It has been totally ransacked, a lot of my boxes are missing," said one woman, who asked Local 2 not to use her name. "Basically all of my belongings is in my storage because I'm staying with my son right now."

Police said a total of 11 units were burglarized at the business. The woman who spoke with Local 2 invited us into her unit to show us how thieves went through all of her boxes looking for anything of value. The woman told Local 2 so far she has discovered a box of DVDs and a laptop were stolen.

"That had all of my home videos of my family and all of that," said the woman. "It's just ridiculous. My thing is how did they even get in these?"

The property is protected by code access gates. However, Local 2 did see one bent and non-working gate at the back of the business. The thieves also managed to get past keypad locked doors leading to interior units. The woman who spoke with Local 2 believes the crooks then pried the lock plate off the door to her unit. 

Local 2 tried to get more information about the thefts from the business, but a manager asked us to leave to leave the property. A message left by Local 2 at the company's corporate headquarters has not yet been returned.

"I am very, very upset," said the woman. "We pay too much for these storage every month for something like this to happen."

The woman said she was told by a property manager that surveillance cameras do not extend to the back of the business so there was no video of thieves breaking into her unit.

Police said they do not know how many people were involved in these thefts.

If you have any information about these crimes please call Crime Stoppers at (713) 222-TIPS.