The Texans were the talk of the town in Houston Tuesday. On sports talk radio, and even in restaurants.

"They weren't looking too good in the first half," said Nathan Johnson, a Texans fan. "But the second half, they pulled through like we knew they would."

Staying up late for the last minute heroics Monday night, Houstonians cashed in on the comeback Tuesday. Fans stopped by places like Sonic and Sprinkles Cupcakes in Highland Village to savor the taste of victory over the Chargers.

"It's amazing," said Zaki Ahmed, a Texans fan. "I love the Texans for getting me free cupcakes!"

Some are now calling the comeback over the Chargers, the biggest in franchise history, a "Monday Night Miracle".

How things unfolded at the finish line against the Chargers, has electrified the Texans fan base.