Trending over the weekend is a photo getting a lot of Texans fans talking.

Jennie Bazard (@j_baz) thought she met one of her favorite Texans football players and decided to pose for a photo. She then tweeted:

"Ran into @ArianFoster at Pub Fiction last night! So blessed to get a picture with one of my favorite #HoustonTexans!"

Much to her surprise the real Arian Foster tweeted her back:

"Lol I appreciate the love but that's not me."

The photo made the rounds online and has since been retweeted 190 times and favorited 169 times.

In good spirits she left the tweet up and said told Deadspin, " Hahahaha I'm so embarrassed but this whole situation is so hilarious!!!!"

"When Arian Foster tweeted me and said that’s not him and then how many tweets I got after that, I was like ‘Oh what do I do? What do I do?’ But I was in the car with my best friend and she was like, ‘You know there’s two ways you can do this. You can run and hide or you can go with it.’ Then I was like you know what, it’s really funny, really embarrassing , but really funny, so you know people are gonna take a stab at it anyway whether or not I take it down, it’s already up there," Bazard said.

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