A teenage girl fought off a man who attacked her outside of her home in Conroe.

Officials said it happened at the Bellshire Apartment complex.

The 13-year-old girl was sitting outside her apartment building texting on her phone when a man walked up and asked for her phone number.

Police say when she refused to give it to him, he grabbed her.

"He just grabbed her by the ankles while she was sitting and attempted to pull her, but she kicked him, and he immediately became scared and ran off in the direction that he came," said Sgt. Dorcy Riddle with the Conroe Police Department.

Officials say the suspect went over the apartment complex's back fence.

The girl described the man a Hispanic male in his 30s, with a Mohawk haircut. He had a scar along his right jaw line and a tattoo on his upper right arm. She said he was filthy and his clothes tattered.

The man's appearance and his clothing suggest he may have been homeless and some residents say there's a homeless encampment in the woods behind the complex.

Conroe police are asking anyone with information to call 936-522-3200.