DEER PARK, Texas -

Brittany Davila is an honorary cheerleader on the freshman squad at Deer Park High.

Her mother says when they arrived to cheer at an event last Tuesday night, school officials told them Brittany could no longer be part of the team because she was "a liability."

In the end, Brittany's mother says a resolution was reached. It addresses the school's concerns and allows Brittany to continue an activity she absolutely loves.

They met with the school district on Wednesday and came to an agreement that she would be able to participate in the cheers that don’t involve stunts.

"I am happy about it, I wanted her to be able to perform with the rest of the girls," said Buffy Davila, the teens mother.

"It is amazing, she is just so precious, she always has a smile on her face, you can’t be sad around her, because she is just so funny," said Sara Washington, cheer captain.