A case in Fort Bend County has investigators shaking their heads in disbelief. Sheriff's deputies say they arrested two burglary suspects after they apparently couldn't leave well enough alone.

Those suspects first got a pass. Ft. Bend Co. investigators say a man caught them breaking into his car and told them to get lost. They left, but then came back.

Someone apparently had at least a little compassion for these two teens.

A man told sheriff's deputies he saw them rummaging through his car in the Waterside Estates neighborhood. At first, he didn't call police, but a few minutes later, he says the suspects came back to his door.

"The individuals asked if they could get back in the car he had locked because they had lost his cell phone in the car," said Captain James Burger with the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Department.

After letting them search for the missing phone, the man called sheriff's deputies and the suspects left once again.

"A short time later, a woman approaches deputies who are searching in the area and says she can't find her son and a friend," Capt. Burger said.

Deputies say the son and friend turned out to be Cody Chaviz and Dionte Bradley. And when they caught up with them they had items traced to another break-in in the same neighborhood.

They are now facing felony burglary charges related to that other break-in and even investigators are surprised by how it all came together.

"When the case comes across our desk and we're reading it, we're like, 'this really could not have happened as it's reading. And it did," said Capt. Burger.

But there's another twist. Investigators say Chaviz was just released after serving a sentence for another burglary charge. That was five days prior to his arrest.

The suspects are both in jail. Bail is set at $25,000 each for the burglary charges and deputies say Bradley is also facing additional drug-related charges.