Health officials are taking steps now to eliminate mosquito-breeding grounds in hopes of preventing a repeat of last year’s deadly summer.

Inspectors are glad that legislators passed a law that helps them fight the problem.

“It helps expedite getting us into, in this case, abandoned homes,” said Dr. Rudy Bueno, an entomologist with Harris County Public Health Environmental Services. “Because often times there are pools and other ponding in the back yard, which that can lead to mosquito breeding.”

In Harris County, inspectors are out in full force looking for mosquitoes that are carrying the virus.

Officials said the new law will help prevent the spread of the virus.

Officials in Dallas are ticketing residents with stagnant water to prevent the spread of the West Nile virus. Bueno said ticketing is unnecessary.

The Dallas City Marshal's Office said they have seen plenty of compliance with the law; but, at this point, it does not seem that Houston will be ticketing.

West Nile season started in May and usually lasts through October.

If you see a problem area, please report it by calling 311.

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