Crime Stoppers and investigators with the Harris County Sheriff's Office are searching for the man accused of stealing a woman's purse in a parking lot.

According to investigators, the incident happened Nov. 1st, at a superstore center located on the 10400 block of the North Freeway.

A woman was walking to her vehicle with her purse attached to a strap on her shopping cart. The suspect reportedly attempted to grab the purse from the cart, however it remained attached. The victim and the suspect struggled over the purse until the strap snapped.

According to investigators, a witness ran after the suspect, who dropped a handgun while running away and into a black Monte Carlo vehicle.

Investigators described the suspect as a large black male, standing approximately 6'1"-6'2" with gold teeth and dreadlocks. At the time of the offense the suspect was wearing a black and red jacket with a red hood.