A healthy diet can do more than just help your waist line. Certain super foods can help keep your skin looking young.

Dermatologist Dr. Lesley Clark-Loser is used to fielding a common question from patients; How could what they eat benefit their skin?

"Whether it's acne or eczema or a wrinkle or sun damage, they wanna know what they could be doing to prevent these problems or treat these problems," said Loser.

Dr. Loser says the answer is plenty.

The top ten list of super foods starts off with almonds, rich in Vitamin E, which can ward off the harmful rays of the sun.

"By eating a small amount of almonds, you're giving your skin enough Vitamin E to protect your skin against cellular damage," Loser said.

Vitamin A gives carrots a powerful punch in promoting cellular turnover.

"We're all familiar in dermatology with Retinoids, Retin A, Retinol...well this is your food version," said Loser.

Flaxseeds contain Omega 3 fatty acid, which can ease skin irritation and redness. Green tea contains antioxidants with anti-inflammatory properties, but be sure to drink it hot.

According to Dr. Loser, cold green tea is not going to offer you the same benefit as hot green tea.

The Omega 6 fatty acids in safflower oil help hydrate the skin.

The folate in spinach can prevent and even reverse DNA damage.

Sweet potatoes are a great source of Vitamin C, which is linked to collagen remodeling.

And Lycopene, an antioxidant found in tomatoes, fights free radical damage that leads to skin aging.

"Tomatoes are better cooked than raw, so as you stew and cook a tomato, you're helping release and deliver that lycopene,"said Loser.

Tuna in a can is full of selenium, a nutrient that helps preserve elastin, keeping your skin smoother.

Last, but not least on our list, dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is full of flavonols, antioxidants that can improve skin texture and guard against sun damage.