Over 3,000 Sugar Land residents are fired up after their petition to put the red light camera issue on the ballot was rejected due to technicalities.

The red light camera issue was a huge controversy in Houston.

Founder of Houston's Coalition against Red Light Cameras, Helwig Van Der Grinten, said, “Yes it's a big deal, people are scared into paying the $75 fine.”

The city of Sugar Land told Local 2 that they believe red light cameras make intersections safer for drivers and pedestrians and they've got the data to prove it.

The city says that they even pulled two cameras down at intersections where the compliance rates increased by more than 60 percent.

Residents of Sugar Land are encouraged to reach out to their council members to let their positions be known.

None of Sugar Land's current council members were there in 2007, the year that the city signed the contract to implement and operate red light cameras.