The Houston Live Stock Show and Rodeo is upon us, so that means you might find yourself sharing busy streets with trail riders and cowboys.

The Houston Humane Society has advice for automobile drivers to safely share roadways with horses and their riders.

Here are some safety tips from the Humane Society:

  • No Beeps Allowed - Avoid using your car horn, whether in greeting or frustration. The loud, unexpected noise can startle even the most placid horse.
  • Slow Down - It’s best to slow down when approaching or planning to pass a horse and rider, to minimize the risk of startling the animal. Be prepared to stop if necessary.
  • Make Room - Leave as much space as possible when following, passing or sharing roadways with horses to allow for unexpected movement. Be sure to take extra care on narrow roads, curves and bends.
  • Expect the Unexpected - Both riders and horses can be inexperienced, and this is especially true with children taking part in their first ride. Always be patient and courteous when you encounter modern-day cowboys and cowgirls on roadways.