SPRING, Texas -

Investigators say a man who was a volunteer for the Spring Fire Department violated the public's trust when he allegedly stole expensive and potentially life-saving equipment.

Justin Anthony Denormandie-McDonald joined the fire department in September, but now he's been booted out of training and is accused of stealing from the department and fellow firefighters he responded to emergencies with several times a week.

"We know these type of things happen," said Asst. Chief Scott Schoonover. "It's heartbreaking and it's very unfortunate."

Schoonover said the department noticed equipment -- including radios, laptop computers along with fire fighter rain jackets, uniforms and badges -- were missing from several fire stations.

That's when the department decided to set up a sting operation using one of their radios. At the time, they had no idea who was stealing from the department.

"When we stunned the first radio he stole second because first didn't work, so at that point we knew we had an issue," said Schoonover.

Officials say Denormandie-McDonald also posted a picture of him self wearing a Cypress Creek Fire Department shirt. He's not a member of that department and allegedly took the shirt during a ride-along.

As for the stolen equipment -- which has been recovered, except for one radio -- Schoonover said it could have caused problems during an emergency response.

"Each apparatus has four to six radios, a very dangerous situation," said Schoonover. "Our radios are our life line."

Bail was set at $2,000.