SOCHI, Russia -

Olympic competition in Sochi, Russia, will begin with Thursday's debut of a new Olympic sport, snowboard slopestyle.

Two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White was among those who qualified for Team USA.

In Sochi, he will have a chance to get his third gold in halfpipe and the first-ever Olympic gold in slopestyle.

White and his teammates hit the snow Tuesday to begin practicing.

"First event in the Olympics, it's the first time us being here so it's crazy experience and so cool to be part of the slopestyle team, I don't know just being here and the vibe is crazy, gotta beautiful place behind me and it's crazy. Yeah we are here having a bunch of fun," said U.S. snowboarder Sage Kotsenburg.

Snowboard slopestyle is one of 12 new sports at the Olympics this year.

Organizers said the new sports are an attempt to attract a younger generation to watch the games.  

The opening ceremony is Friday.

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