Officers swarmed a home early Friday morning to execute a search warrant, but they ended up dodging bullets.

Detectives are calling the home a drug house and they've been there since 5am.

Gun shots and sirens rang out in the early morning in the southeast Houston neighborhood. Residents woke up in a panic.

"I stepped out, but then they told me to step back in before all of that happened," said Thomas Hilliard. "They asked me to step back in."

As Hilliard ran back inside of his home, local, state, and federal officers set up a perimeter outside of his neighbor's house. Investigators tell us just before 5am, officers were conducting a search warrant tied to a drug investigation when someone from inside of the home off Scenic and Airport opened fire.

"Upon entering the house, the officers were shot at by a suspect. So the officers pulled away from the house and returned fire," said Sgt. John Sampa with the Department of Public Safety.

Moments later, officers fired canisters of tear gas into the home. The 40-year-old suspect ran out of the home on foot, but officers caught up with him.

"The suspect is a parolee, he was on parole for robbery and he had drugs on his person when police arrested him," Sgt. Sampa said.

Detectives along with the K-9 unit searched the home, and collected evidence for hours. Hilliard, who has been living on this street since 1959, has never seen anything like this.

"It's unfortunate that it happened around here. You think things are not gonna happen around you," he said.

We've seen police carrying out bags of evidence and a computer. There are also surveillance cameras on the top of the home. They will be looking through that video as well.

Officers were not hurt during the SWAT standoff. The suspect may face charges for drug possession, evading arrest and attempted capital murder.