For well over a year, Microsoft warned users of its Windows XP operating system that come April 8, they'd be on their own -- no more updates or security protection from hackers.

Microsoft says those who haven't upgraded from the 12-year-old XP operating system to a newer, protected version like Windows 7 might run into problems.

And according to the Harris County Deputies Organization, that's exactly what's happening to detectives working in the sheriff's office.

The deadline for support has come and gone and sheriff's officials say their software conversion still isn't complete.

That's left the department's 200-plus investigators at the east Harris County building on Lockwood without internet access at their desks.

Officials say the lack of upgrades hasn't affected job performance because investigators still have access to internal databases and their laptops.

But the organization representing deputies disagrees. They say their case loads are backed up enough without the added computer obstacle.

They say detectives from homicide, robbery, burglary and theft, sexual assault and domestic violence divisions are now unable to even Google something at their work stations.

Sheriff's officials say software upgrades in patrol units are nearly complete but admit that about 100 units still haven't been converted.

Harris County sheriff's officials say the upgrade process is underway and they expect all computers at the Detective Bureau to be completed by Friday.

We asked officials with Harris County's IT Department about why these upgrades were not completed in time. They told Local 2 that each department within the county prioritizes which computers will be upgraded and when.

We called the person responsible for over-seeing the sheriff's office upgrades but did not receive a response.