The principal of Sharpstown High School appeared before a grand jury Thursday, more than five months after he was arrested for failing to report allegations of criminal sexual assault.

The grand jury's task is to decide whether Principal Robert Gasperello should go to trial, or if all of the charges against him should be dropped.

Gasperello’s trial has already been postponed several times by the district attorney’s office.

Back in November, Gasperello was charged with failing to report child abuse after three different students came to him complaining that they had been sexually assaulted by their teacher, Ysidoro Rosales-Motola.

Arrested along with Gasperello were Jason Thompson and Silvio Leiva, two assistant principals at the high school.

Under state law, school officials are required to report allegations of sexual assault against any student within 48 hours of the alleged crime.

Prosecutors say Gasperello failed to report the allegations, and by doing so, he failed to protect his students.