A somber ceremony was held this Memorial Day at the Houston VA National Cemetery to honor service members who have died.

Verna Stanley was just one of hundreds who gathered Monday morning at the Houston National Cemetery to pay their respects. Stanley has served in the Armed Forces and says being here has brought back many memories, some very emotional.

"I have some really serious emotions about it too. It upsets me sometimes about the things that are said and done, but I was in the military for 10 years, my father was a World War II veteran  and I'm really happy," Stanley said. 

The Memorial Day service had a somber tone. There were speeches from elected leaders and messages of thanks by others who have once served. Kathy Croom's father served in the Air Force.

"To honor our men that fought in the war, honor our father who just passed a couple of weeks ago, all the men that served," said Croom.

Most attendees tell Local 2 the ceremony is one they've been coming to for years and one they wouldn't miss. Doug Hortvet's father used to come with him, but he says his health prevented that this year.

"My dad is a World War II vet who turns 90 on Wednesday. It's gotten a little too much for him to come out to the ceremonies. We have been out her many years in the past," said Hortvet.