The San Felipe Street Bridge near Mid lane is being torn down.

With the orange cones and construction equipment comes the closure of a busy road in River Oaks.

"It's going to be terrible traffic even worse than it already is," said
a resident who lives nearby.

The closure is expected to last two weeks. But the project is already behind a day because of recent rain.

The closure is a necessary part of the flood control district's $13.2
million channel enclosure project.

The bridge is 50-years-old and it needs repairs. A box culvert will be put below to improve drainage.

In the meantime drivers are planning to stay away.

"I've been thinking about it, I will probably take Memorial Drive a lot of time and do things that way. I guess Westheimer, I'm not happy about it," said Galleria resident Terri Romano.

Nearby businesses are prepared to take a hit.

"It's going to affect us, the people who come from over there they need to find a way to get here and they might not come over here," said River Oaks Cleaners employee, Cristy Cusodio.

The alternate routes are the West Loop, Memorial Drive, Richmond or Kirby.