Lt. Aaron Slater is in charge of the Rosenberg Police Department's social media.

“With more than 8,000, almost 9,00 followers, we're more than humbled,” Slater said.

According to an international law enforcement organization, the department is number nine in the nation when it comes to Facebook likes.

The department's page was only created last October.

Since October, Slater says the public has helped identify and apprehend many criminals.

For example, just half an hour after one bank robbery, a phote was posted to Facebook and twitter and within an hour and a half, the suspect had been identified.

Slater says that is just part of their social media strategy.

“We don't want to use the community solely for the purpose of solving crimes. We really want to work with the community on a grander scheme. We really want to work with a partnership with the community,” Slater said.

On July 17, the department is hosting its second Tweetalong.