Retired Houston Police Department Officer Dana Tweedie was killed Saturday night while riding his motorcycle in Galveston.

Galveston police said during Galveston Mardi Gras celebrations around 7:30 p.m. Saturday, Dana Tweedie and his wife, Linda, were riding their motorcycle on Seawall Boulevard.

As Dana and Linda were traveling west, 18-year-old Callie Inman (pictured below) was in the parking lot of the Valero at 69th Street and Seawall Boulevard. Inman, who police believe was intoxicated, pulled out of the parking lot and across the westbound lanes in an attempt to turn east on the Seawall.

Dana and Linda had no time to avoid the vehicle being driven by Inman and they collided in the 6900 block of the Boulevard. Dana and Linda were transported to the ER by Galveston EMS.

Dana died from his injuries and Linda is listed as critical.

Ray Mendiola heard the crash and saw the accident.

“You just hear a loud bang. There's cops instantly right on the scene and ambulances flying down the road,” said Mendiola.

Inman was booked into the Galveston County jail and charged with intoxication manslaughter and intoxicated assault.

The Tweedie family asked Ray Hunt, Houston Police Officers Union president, to speak on their behalf.

Hunt said the couple's son, Kyle Tweedie, flew into Houston to help plan his father's funeral and be by his mother's hospital bedside.

“The bright spot in all of this is that she was able to talk and see her son, who was just flown in this morning from his army base,” said Hunt.

Photos of Dana and Linda Tweedie have been posted on their son's Facebook page, with friends sending heartfelt condolences.

Dana’s family is rooted in the Houston Police Department. His brother, Bill Tweedie, is currently a sergeant with the department.

“This is a tragic situation that didn't need to occur," Chief Porretto said. "An impaired driver took a great member of the Houston community. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Tweedie family and the Houston Police Department.”