Restaurant employees are trained how to properly handle food and sanitize cooking equipment because one simple mistake could get a lot of people sick. KPRC Local 2 consumer expert Amy Davis is showing us who is doing it right and who is getting it wrong in this week's Restaurant Report Card.

At the Chipotle at 12888 Queensbury Lane in Town and Country Village, a health inspector said he saw an employee cut chicken with a knife and then instead of washing and sanitizing the knife, he rinsed it with cold water before putting it back on the knife rack.

At Chili's at 7621 FM 1960 West near Willowbrook, inspectors saw an employee preparing sandwiches on the cook line with his bare hands. 

At the Cafe Express in City Centre, inspectors said the tuna and chicken salad were both too warm and not safe for human consumption. Three and a half pounds of it were trashed.

Davis stopped by Hartz Chicken at 1399 West Mount Houston where an inspector said there were roaches crawling on the wall behind the food prep table. The city closed the place until the owner could eliminate the roach activity.

They also closed Kelly's Cajun Grill inside Willowbrook Mall. The inspector said there were so many roaches they shut the place down temporarily. Kelly's Cajun Grill is now back open.

Our A's this week go to Southwell's Hamburger Grill on Taylor Street near I-10 and the Starbucks at 2625 Louisiana in Midtown.

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