If the fish in the fresh fish tank at Fu Fu Restaurant at 9889 Bellaire Blvd look frightened, what health inspectors found there might explain why.

The inspector says she "observed an employee attempting to kill a fish by banging it on the floor." That fish was condemned, and hopefully, it is in a better place tonight.

There were no fish handlers or managers on duty when Local 2 stopped by, so we moved on to Ruchi's Mexican Restaurant on Richmond near Sage. Inspectors say there were roaches crawling on a food prep table, a dead roach inside a container of flour and black slime inside the ice machine.

The slime was pink on the chute of the ice machine at Triniti at 2815 South Shepherd. At Cafe Ginger at 1952 West Gray in River Oaks, inspectors condemned 16 pounds of raw chicken, soup and egg rolls that were off temperature and potentially hazardous.

Our A+ this week goes to Aunt Pookie's Hamburgers and BBQ at 1460 West Sam Houston Parkway between Westview and Hammerly. Congratulations to Aunt Pookie’s for its spotless inspection.