A triple threat to your health courtesy of Jack in the Box in this week’s Restaurant Report Card. Three locations of the chain were dinged by health inspectors.

The Jack in the Box at the corner of North Shepherd and Victory Drive had flies in the kitchen.The Jack in the Box at Montrose and Lovett had gnats and fruit flies. Consumer expert Amy Davis dropped by the one at Hillcroft and Beechnut to find out if employees had the roach problem in the kitchen under control, but the manager on duty asked her to leave.   

Inspectors noted roaches, gnats and other insects at the Wendy's at 9500 Main Street.

The Sonic down the street at 8504 Main Street had more roaches and mold in the ice machine.

We always like to mention the good inspections too. The Subway at 5757 Westheimer between Fountainview and Chimney Rock gets an A+ this week for its spotless inspection.

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