Pouring through this week's inspections, the report for Lone Star Culinary caught our eye. It's a spice shop off of Airline Drive on Link Road. The inspector wrote that a rodent gnawed a bag of spices in the storeroom.

Owner Salvador Flores told Local 2 he explained the tear in the sack to the inspector.

"When we were taking it off the truck, the forklift accidentally hit this sack, and so it ripped open," he said.

Co-owner Ivonne Gonzalez was there during the inspection.

"I mean anybody whose encountered a mouse or anything like that in their house can see what a gnawing is versus something like this," she said.

But that's not all. The inspector also wrote she saw "potential droppings" on the floor.

"She should know; this is just not what droppings look like," said Gonzales, holding a handful of black caraway seeds.

Even with the explanation, the owners say the inspector wrote up rodent gnaw markings and rodent droppings on their inspection.

"It was a little like, 'is there any way you can take that off?'" Flores explained. "And she said, 'No, that's the way it appeared to me.'"

Local 2 called the Health Department to ask about the conflicting information. It sent another inspector out the same day who said there was no evidence of rodents.

At Sheba Cafe at 6251 Bissonnet, the inspector said there were roaches on the wall in the kitchen. They said there were roaches by the kitchen sink at Banana Bay at 3640 Hillcroft; and at Bobbie's Fast Food at 8434 Tidwell, there were dead tree roaches on the top of the steam table.

We give an A this week for Le Peep at 9801 Katy Freeway. The restaurant had no violations on its most recent inspection.