Two popular downtown restaurants and a family fun spot are on our Restaurant Report Card for all the wrong reasons.

Local 2 stopped by Birraporetti's at 500 Louisiana around lunch time, the wrong time according to one employee.

"My boss is not here right now," he told consumer expert Amy Davis. "Can you come back at a decent hour? We're having a lunch rush right now."

Apparently, the health inspector came at a bad time too. He found and condemned 86 pounds of food he said was "not safe for human consumption." Beef, turkey and shrimp were just some of the items that were too warm for over four hours. Inspectors also said Birraporetti's needs to take effective measures to minimize the presence of roaches, gnats and fruit flies.

Down the street at 1318 Louisiana, inspectors found slime in the ice machine at Benihanas.

Knocking down a few pins can make you thirsty; but at 300 Houston Bowling Alley at 925 Bunker Hill, you might skip the ice. Inspectors said the slime was pink and brown in the ice machine.

Slime was not found in the ice machine at Thang's Cajun Seafood and Rice at 6410 Antoine. Instead, there were dead roaches inside.

At China Border on the North Freeway near West Road, inspectors said there were dead cockroaches on the food prep table in the kitchen.

Our A's this week go to Baskin Robbins at 1924 El Dorado Boulevard and Fuddruckers at 13010 Northwest Freeway. Both places had perfect inspections.

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