Residents say more than two dozen cars were wrongly towed at the Las Palmas Apartments on Parker Road in northeast Houston on Sunday.

"I was meeting my client to do their therapy and when I came out, my car was gone," said Judy Paron.

She said she was at the complex to care for a resident when here car was towed. She told Local 2 that it cost $223.30 to get her car out of the impound lot.

"They reimbursed me with cash," Paron said. "With an apology. But there's other people that didn't get reimbursed."

Paron said, in all, 25 cars were towed before the visitor parking area was marked with signs and before "no parking" signs went up. She said not everyone, who was towed, has been reimbursed.

"Don't tow all of these peoples' cars who have to take their food money, their rent money, their medicine money just to get a car out of the impound," said New Black Panther Nation leader Quanell X.

He and those whose cars were towed marched to the leasing office Tuesday afternoon demanding answers and reimbursement.

Quanell X knocked on the leasing office however it was locked. Local 2's camera could see at least one man inside, but he answered no questions. Quanell X said, "We just have a few questions for the management. Are they gonna help these people get their cars back?"

KPRC Local 2 asked an employee inside the leasing office and left a phone message asking for comment. As of Tuesday afternoon, no one had called.