Residents in one Fort Bend County neighborhood say coyote sightings are not rare on their evening walks.

They are a common, for some people, running, walking and biking on Barker Dam near Mason Road at the Westpark Tollway.

"Off the top of my head, I've counted at least two or three," said resident Alberto Falcon. "There's enough room back there. I wouldn't be surprised if you find more than that."

Falcon spotted another coyote only minutes after talking with Local 2.

"It gets pretty bad sometimes because I take my dog running every day and I have to worry about my dog's safety and mine as well," said Falcon. "There's plenty of runners that come here as well. So, it's a big concern to the community."

Claude Griffin, of Gotcha Pest Control, said he is getting lots of calls from people in the area about coyotes in the neighborhoods.

Griffin said some residents are throwing food over their fences trying to keep the coyotes away from their homes.

"They'll eat your cats, they'll eat your ferrets. They'll sneak in your gerbils," said Griffin.

Griffin told Local 2 the coyotes are coming in doggie doors at night looking for food. He hung food in the woods, outside of the neighborhoods, trying to understand their behavior.

"I'm doing a little baiting situation to get them in a group to see how many I'm having to deal with, 'cause I can set traps and relocate them and put them in different place, But I haven't gotten to that point yet," said Griffin.

Griffin said it's a good idea to lock doggie doors at night in order to keep the coyotes out of homes.