Drop 10 pounds in 30 days.  That's the promise behind the "May Diet", a new plan that has the support of Dr. Oz. The diet claims to eliminate all the excess water weight you're carrying, speed up weight loss, and shrink your waist.

There are four keys to the diet.  The first is what Dr. Oz calls the 80/20 plate.  "I want 80 percent of the food on your plate to be vegetables. You can eat all the veggies you want and you'll never gain weight.  The other 20 percent can be proteins, fat, salad dressing, cheese, nuts, something you put on top of the salad", Oz says. 

Next, time to change your dinner plans. Swap whatever you're eating for dinner with a hearty soup.  "For a month I want you to have that as your main dinner meal.  It can be hearty, you can have a lot of calories in it, just make sure it's mostly vegetables." says Oz.

The body processes liquid meals more slowly, so by having a hearty soup for dinner, you're eliminating late night cravings.

Next, you're going to add what Dr. Oz calls a swimsuit water drink before and after each meal to move toxins out of your body.  It consists of water, strawberries, cinnamon and lime.

And you can have zero carb snacks anytime you want.  According to Dr. Oz, "Those snacks should be mostly protein and some healthy fats, things like avocado and turkey breast."