A theft that last nearly two months has led to the arrest of a Harris County probation office clerk.

The Harris County District Attorney's Office filed the charges against Daylan Wilturner. Assistant DA Michele Oncken says, "Anyone who works for the government, and the probation department is part of our government, they are asked to be at this higher standard. He (Wilturner) was given this job and asked to receive this money but instead he turned around and stole it."

Investigators say Wilturner worked at the probation office at 9111 Eastex in northeast Houston and the alleged incidents started in early January of this year. He is accused of stealing money orders from people on probation, then turning around and giving those checks to his friend, Christopher Broussard.

"Basically the letters were manipulated in some way that Harris County or Harris County Probation was changed into Chris or Christopher Broussard and the money orders were being deposited into Mr. Broussard's bank account," Oncken said.

In total, 59 people were victimized and the two suspects got away with more than $7,000, according to court records.

The crime was discovered when parole officers were noticing their clients weren't paying their fines, but they complained they were and had records to prove it.

No one on parole ever faced additional charges or jail time for not paying on time because of this crime.

Wilturner was eventually arrested and charged with theft by a public servant. Broussard, who's facing felony theft charges, is not yet in custody.

Broussard has a long criminal record and a changing look. According to mug shots obtained by Local 2, he has changed his look from a man to a woman and that could make it hard for detectives to track him down.

If convicted, Wilturner could face up to ten years behind bars.