Do you have itchy, watery eyes and uncontrollable sneezing? Have you had to wash your car more than once because of a yellow dust that has coated it?

Yes, it is that time of year. Spring allergy season is here and folks with outdoor allergies will be suffering the most.

Trees are starting to reproduce and are releasing pollen into the air that has landed on practically everything. Wednesday was a particularly hard day with tree pollen counts in the very high category.

To get specific, the City of Houston had a pollen count of nearly 4,000 per cubic meter of air.

At the top of the list is oak making up just over 50 percent of Wednesday's pollen count. Right behind was pine at 40 percent.

Other trees making it a miserable day for allergy sufferers are ash, gum and birch.

Overall, the allergy forecast for Thursday, including tree, grass and weed, will be moderately high.

But as we head into a gorgeous weekend, expect tree pollen to go back up to very high levels.